Will we do it again?


So now its back to work and the question everyone asks…..will you do it again? The navigator in the winning car claimed that P2P is like childbirth (if that’s the case, I don’t know what the fuss is about!) and once its over, it doesn’t take long to decide to do it again!!

We are still chewing this over, but I can say that we have both looked at a new car to work on. It will still be a ford pre-war, but it might be a Phaeton or Coupe next time. There are a few years to make our minds up I guess.

Last night we eventually took the head off the driver side of the engine and behold we have a damaged head gasket, clear evidence of washing of the piston head (its clean) and loss of water into the cylinder. Its strange as we never really saw the water boiling or gassing up in the radiator, we just lost water. Also, the oil never changed colour so that indicator of head damage wasn’t useful. I think its likely that in the early stages of the rally, when the water loss was only a litre a day, we did have a problem radiator cap. As time went by, the head gasket gave up and we lost more water until Paris where we were leaking like a sieve. The head is off for skimming and a new gasket will be fitted. At least it is not a cracked head.

We would like to thank everyone who donated money to Force and the current sum is £13,778! Quite amazing and many many thanks. We will pass over the big cheque next week.

Yesterday we had an email from one of the competitors in car 7 who rolled his car and was seriously injured. He says he is on the mend but broke all collar bones, all ribs and a few other bones. Now that must be very painful. It was great to hear from him as we dreaded the worse for a few days.

The car will be repaired and tidied which won’t take long and for the rest of the holiday season be on display at Country Life Museum in Exmouth. After that who knows……….

Thanks to everyone who helped promote the trip, looked after us and especially to our wives Lynn and Paula who let us go. Maybe they will go next time and we can have a two car entry!


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