Time trials, ditches and repairs!


What a day. 650 km and 3 dirt/sand track time trials over about 11 km each, finally ending the day on the Kazan Race Track. The sand and dirt was great, sliding all over the road, until it became clear there was still traffic coming towards us! Now that was as frightening for them as us, and Nigel refused to slow down. The cars are covered in mud, but we think we made up some time on the car ahead. I made a slight error by initially going the wrong way, then advising Nigel to reverse into a back lane. He questioned if all was clear, which I responded with a grunt, and the car dropped into a ditch! Luckily within a minute, a local guy arrived in a 4 wheel drive to pull is out, so the only problem was embarrassment. The roads/tracks here are very bad and after nearly 200 km of non tarmac and holes the size of a cow in the road, both the car and crew are well shook up. I really don’t want to see more of this (although I suspect I will) as its taking its toll on the car..We will need to spend time tomorrow trying to redox some panels. At the end of the day we had the 4th best time trial at Kazan Race Track. This was a new level of fear and as we drove to the start, Nigel enquired if I wanted to drive ….no thanks! He is a great driver, but our car is designed for fast off road and with poor brakes and low top speed we found it difficult to drag her around some of the corners at speed. That’s not to say Nigel didn’t try. We ran off corners and spend time on rumble strips but still managed a time 45 seconds faster than the group leader. So not bad really! We are now coming 4th overall!

Tomorrow is repair day and we are off to the car wash. It is also Nigel’s 50th so I expect we will have some time for celebrating!




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  1. Hi Richard, I am following your progress every day with interest. There is a recurring theme in your reports, that of your ability of finding something new to moan about. I still have this picture of you as a generally genial sort of chap but that picture is fading and being replaced by one of a miserable old git. In many ways much like me.
    Anyway keep safe and store all you are doing in your memory bank. Your memories will keep you warm in your old age.



  2. Great work from team Ford! Awesome work throughout, with some very racy times. The flathead is a great engine choice for this event.
    Looking forward to further updates as you leave the vast expanse of Russia.
    (Car 38 1940 Ford coupe P2P 2013)

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