The engine


With the brakes fitted, the new axle and springs in place and the new torsion bars fitted, I was at last allowed to spray the chassis.

The engine was a problem. Not least was the rather poor oil filtration system which half filtered the oil. The Flathead V8 Ford engine was used for many decades and even graced French military vehicles in the 1960’s. This does mean there are a lot of parts and more problems with a lot of different specs and modifications. The engine originally produced a stunning 60hp, which for its 4 litre size is a little pathetic. Heads are well known for over heating but the system is simple and she will consume any old fuel. Low compression is helpful. We had already fitted a new distributor and after a lot of thought it was decided to ask Royal Kustom to do a major engine overhaul whilst we worked at welding, filling, painting and wiring….

And so the engine was delivered to Jim who planned to change the oil flow by tapping a new exit and entry point into the block, re-boring and lightening the crank, replacing all pistons, rings, con rods, shells and bearings and then rebuilding with period Edelbrock racing heads from the 1930s. To match this we added an old inlet manifold and twin Ford 1930s carburettors. A new clutch housing to fit the new gearbox was fitted, and after a coat of paint the engine was finished 6 months later and bench tested…… what a transformation, what a lot of money (!) and just WOW……

So now we have an engine that whilst being modified to allow for better oil filtration, has a bit more power but is using all period flat head racing modifications. She should not output over 120 hp which when fitted to the new gearbox and adjusted diff will hopefully give us a speed of 70mph at 2750 rpm. I just hope it doesn’t drink to much fuel!

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