The Beast roars on!


A country a day, that’s the challenge. We have rushed through Hungary, and had a great time on 4 of their World Rally tracks. Poor brakes and no idea of where the tracks go does make a challenge, but we kept our place, gained on the second car overall and opened a bigger gap on the second in class. Bill in his 5 litre Bentley gained about 9 seconds on us in the Europeans Cup where we are second. It was great to see Malcolm and Adrian in Budapest, who helped in the Sunday rest day and then also helped us consume large amounts of lunchtime lager! I made Nigel go for a city walk which would have been great other than the sweltering heat, well over 30c. Budapest is so much better than when I was last here about 10 years ago and I’d thoroughly recommend it for a long weekend. Jim and Tanya suggested we all (including wives) fly out next year which would be fun. As we move into the last 5 days of racing, the tension rises. 20 races in total, lots of opportunities to ruin everything, but if you slow, you lose. We put on better front brake shoes, which caused some sharp skids until we sorted them and had 4 good races. Jim and Tanya came off the track, and blocked the tracks for an hour, but we think they are okay, however their car is not. Will report more when we see them. It’s a real shame as they only just had a new clutch and thrust bearing fitted yesterday. The Beast roars on. Nigel suffers from heat so not only do we pour water into the radiator, I pour it on him (literally) as he drives. A nice lady gave us a rose as we came into Slovenia and I have no idea what the town is called, but it looks nice. We will leave and be in Italy tomorrow!



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  1. Hi Richard, at the speed you are now going through countries we must regard you as enjoying a German style blitzkrieg. Sorry to hear Nigel is suffering from the heat. If it is any comfort to him unless things change dramatically over the next few days his suffering will not continue once he is in Devon. Keep heading West it is all downhill from now on.

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