The Adventure Starts…


So the adventure starts, and due to weather at Heathrow we sat in the aircraft for 1 hour waiting to leave, was this an omen ?

We arrived in Beijing and today (Friday) we atlast saw the car. The excitement was building and we were sent off in coaches for 25 km drive to a strange range of warehouses in which was probably the best selection of cars collected in Beijing for sometime. The aim was to get the car to the nearest fuel station, then following the Tulip book, get back to the hotel. We achieved the prize for the first car to breakdown ….battery dead, but assuming it was just flattened we drove on, re-fuelled and headed to the hotel. Feeling proud of ourselves we turned right just about 50 metres before the hotel to discover we should have left the turn about another 20 metres. 5 kilometres later, one Ford 62 and our American friends in their 356 Porsche pulled into the hotel …..broken down and lost all in one day. What a start! The battery was dead and seemed not to take charge, so we grabbed a taxi and wandered around a range of small car spares shops eventually finding a battery which fitted. All sorted now, and to celebrate we ate out at Pizza Hut ….living the dream !

Tomorrow is scrutinising, documents, briefing, gala dinner and packing. Need to get going now!


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