RIP ‘Appy Angus


It’s been a very interesting passage over the last few weeks. In China, it was amazing to see the development of infrastructure. Then you move onto Mongolia where, in reality, there is nothing. In one day we drove 300 miles on sands and tracks like Woodbury Common, but everyone waved and we received a warm welcome. Russia was a real surprise. We were not on the main roads so we saw village life. Agriculture seemed poor with old communist buildings derelict. Villagers lined the roads to wave and Nigel developed a real regal arm wave. We gave out our pens, pencils, ‘Appy Angus and Chicken Vet chicks to children. Then, as we drove into Belarus, it changed. The old farm buildings were still there but kept, land was used and I would worry that Russia would try and take it back. Poland today, was to me, a breath of fresh air. Clean, tidy, well farmed and genuinely good roads. The towns we have travelled through are tidier, cleaner, and overall just great compared to some in the UK. However, no one is interested in us now and sadly Nigel has no one to wave to. I would also like to assure any doubters that getting into the EU is not easy. It took us over 2 hours and our American friends 4 hours. Our arrival into the EU has been tainted by the news that ‘Appy Angus, who had been holding prime position at the front of the Ford, has been stolen!!

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