Nigel’s 50th!


We are creeping towards civilisation, the food has improved and the hotels have improved. There is no doubt the potential to supply food to the world lies in Russia’s hands, so much land under used. Many old communist farms are falling to pieces and buildings lie derelict. With some investment there is no doubt the land could provide a lot more food and Nigel is keen to take on this challenge!

We have just had a rest day. That’s a laugh as for the first half we spent finding someone who could weld and have a set of ramps to inspect the car. That ended up with us in backstreet set of lock ups and some men older than even me, who were experts on classics. Leaving Nigel to weld, I went off to find a rare oil in Russia called 20 50, easily available in Halfords, not in Russia. I ended up, after 2 hours driving with a very helpful pensioner in a back street market, getting hold of 2 x 5 litres ….and not for sharing. With the car sorted, welded, tightened and all going well it was time to sort Nigel’s big 50th birthday party. Before anything, we had to sharpen our look, so off to a Russian barber. For anyone who has not had a cut throat razor shave ….it’s worrying. For anyone who hasn’t had a sharp pair of scissors inserted up their nose, its frightening, and for anyone who hasn’t had a burning flame inserted into their ears, it’s was the end! But with nostril hair looking tidy, we were ready to party! The hotel, with the “gentlemen’s club ” and VIP sauna, already makes us old, married types worried when it states that tonight is the big party night and everyone needs to be in white, we felt it was time to leave! So, a select group of 14 mature and sensible (but with flamed ears) men went to the Brown Bear Grill, maybe the only time Nigel will see a bear in Russia, and a great evening was had. See the photo of the new look!


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  1. Well done guys. I am really enjoying the blogs and photos! Sounds as though you are having a great time. A belated happy birthday to Nigel! He is almost in our sheep pen now Richard!! Lol

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