Leaving Mongolia!


What can I say to summarise Mongolia? Massive scenery, mountains and plains as far as the eye can see and all dust and rocks. We have driven over 1500 miles of single tracks, sometimes at speed and without a doubt, testing the suspension and my back to its extreme. The car, bags and everyone are covered in dust. The camp sites are good but after 5 days, they lose the appeal and using an outdoor shower when its raining and cold does test personal hygiene. We have had some difficult problems with overheating but now have rewired the fans and all looking good but at 3000 metres, it should be! Many cars have been badly damaged, one caught fire and two rolled. We are averaging 360 km per day on tracks and I dream of tarmac. The Nomads who run the camp have done a great job and I will be able to show images of the facilities when I have internet soon.

We have just spent 2 hours at the Mongolia border and managed to leave! We then drove to the Russian border where the car was checked with sniffer dogs and yet more paper work. We have one more night of camping and yes, its raining with snow on the mountain tops. I am quite clear that I don’t like cold camping so Lynn has no worries. if there was grass it would be slightly better, but it’s a rocky, sandy base and I now know that the slim line light weight mattress for one is a useless item as I fall off it and roll onto the ground… bring on the hotels!




Blog Update: 22nd June 2016

Russian customs took longer than expected…apparently we had a form that was not stamped properly! Eeek! But managed to get through and now at the camp and being hosted by the Russian Car Club, who have set up a stage… which is making me nervous about this evening’s entertainment. Have managed to have a shower though (Sophie would be reminding me at this point how much of a mundane middle aged update this is but it really is something to look forward to out here. For those who are interested in my showering tales, I’ll continue…) The shower is just a wooden box about shoulder height with three buckets of tepid water and a wind chill. At least all the dust has gone now though!


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  1. Looks like you’re having an amazing time.
    Hope you’re enjoying it – and had a good night with the Russian car club’s entertainment??

    Thank you so much – nearly £8500 on the VM page.
    With greetings from all at FORCE,


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