Just one day to go and everything is packed.. I think!


Nigel has taken ” professional” advice from our friend Dick who has just come back from freezing in Greenland and is planning to pack his bag A-Z. I gather this means start on one side of the bag with the things beginning with A and move across. Now I can see this might be necessary in freezing conditions in a tent deep in a snow hole, but not in a five star hotel. We will see how the alphabet goes after the first stop.

We arrive in China on Thursday morning and first job is to find the local car superstore to stock up on engine oil, brake fluid and any other bits we have forgotten. Then it’s the tonic to go with gin, and maybe a load of journey snacks. On Thursday evening we have a briefing and on Friday meet the Beijing police to receive our Chinese  driving licences.

The car is at present, we hope, in a warehouse outside of the city and our first chance to check it over is Saturday. The tracker will be activated, batteries tested and grease applied. The fuel tank is practically empty so the first drive is to the garage for fuel. That’s also the first chance to get lost, which would be embarrassing but entirely possible.

On Saturday night there is a leaving party and on Sunday we are off. The first day is a drive of about 500km, mainly on main roads, to get then cars running so we will see how it all shakes down.

Having never had more than 2 weeks holiday since qualifying one of the main challenge for me is being away from the Practice. However, as Alan always says, nobody is indispensable and I am sure that after a few weeks (hopefully!) they will have forgotten I am not there. That is of course until it gets round to paying salaries.

Sophie has sorted with Paula the Facebook, Instagram etc and after a lesson this evening I aim to send lots of photos and maybe videos for my next blog.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to FORCE! We have so far raised £7367!



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