It’s 11.30pm and all I can hear are engines running badly


No internet here and we are camped in a large valley beside a lake with no local town. Its just so beautiful and isolated. Amazingly the phone signal is better than Devon… come on Vodaphone! We are now in the third day of driving off road and today was the longest with 320km on tracks. The rain caused problems and routes were changed as a result. However, the car continues to perform with few issues. Initially we suffered from water loss which took up many hours of discussion with little outcome. It does now look like a faulty rad cap is to blame. In one race we were doing well until a fuel pump failed, then we lost 10 minutes replacing the pump. Today, we were about to start a race when the rap fans stopped due to the engine moving and cutting the wires. Even with the preparation we have done, we were not prepared for racing off road. The bonnet on the front is broken and in a panic to sort the rad fans, we left behind our drinks chiller.. bother!

Lots of cars are damaged however, many are being welded every night. I lie here in my tent at 11.30pm and all I can hear are engines running badly, our issues are comparatively minor ( at the moment!). We are still 1st in our class and as such started 43 minutes behind the slowest car in our group. We then had 30 minutes to sort our problems and ended up first into the camp with cars still arriving 4 hours later.. not bad for an old Ford. Sad to say however, that the Rolls Royce Phantom caught fire and was destroyed today. Luckily the driver and navigator were fine. We passed a flock of vultures standing by the track looking for food… bit worrying!


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