Great day in Hungary


So we are now in Hungary after rushing through Slovakia. It’s hot and the car is hotter. We seem to use more water in the car than we drink in beer, which is saying something! We are chasing the car in second place overall and gaining, but the new race series (European Cup) has started, and the big Bentley of Bill is pushing us hard. He is in first place about 19 seconds ahead of us after 8 races and there are 20 to go. The problem is you have to choose (difficult) who is in front of you in a race and try to delay the start otherwise as a fast car we easily catch one slower who has started 1 minute earlier. So far this hasn’t been a major problem, and slower cars have moved to one side, but on a single track forest section this isn’t always easy or quick.

Over the next 20 races it will even out, but it’s so important not to push the car too hard as we still want to keep our place overall.

Anyway, here we are in glorious, warm Budapest, the food is great and it’s a delight not to be in an Intourist Hotel. Gosh! Towels can be both big and soft enough to be functional as compared to the towels we had elsewhere. Some of the races today were frightening- narrow tracks , trees and ditches and slippery roads don’t go with old brakes, 1938 suspension and steering systems ….but the full harness and the red cap on, Nigel made her sing, and I managed to give a clear idea of the upcoming corners. Tomorrow is rest (ha ha) day …so some re-tuning and maybe a sauna!!!

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  1. Hi Richard,

    You are well on your way home now and it would be a shame to ruin all of Nigel’s and your efforts by pushing the car too much. Having said that we Brit’s turn every defeat into a glorious success, (Dunkirk being a prime example) so whatever happens between now and Paris as far as I am concerned you are a winner. Keep coming West, we are here waiting.

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