Getting pulled over by the police in Russia…


And so the drive through Russia continues, and every day we seem to gain an hour chasing the Greenwich Mean Time. So far we have driven over 1500 km on fairly straight roads, lined with small woods of Silver Birch which seem to die in batches. The land is wet, flat and populated by the biggest, most aggressive Mosquitoes. Lorry after lorry line the road, and due to bad weather some of the off road sections have been abandoned. Everyone is waving and at the end of the day the cars are surrounded by enthusiasts of all ages.  That’s fun, and both ‘Appy Angus and the St David’s chicks are distributed across Russia. Nigel and I have almost run out of what to say on politics, gossip, funny engine noises, and a detailed discussion on Birch die off, you can see it’s not stimulating!

In a few days we start to get into more interesting driving, but in the meantime, the most excitement has come from being pulled over by the police so they can photograph themselves with the car. A long running argument between the organisers and a competitor has led to us now being 5th overall and 1st in class, so we will need to push them now. There’s an off road race today so hopefully we can gain the few minutes we need.



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  1. Hi Richard,

    When us Brit’s think we are running out of what to say we turn to discussing the weather. When my wife and I are out in the car together and I start to get bored I get her to drive and then I have plenty to say as I slate every move she makes.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Richard and Nigel!

    My English level is bad, but I try to write this message)
    I from Perm, and I was very glad to see you adventure and your beautiful car in our city. In Perm very seldom we can see so rare cars, as your.
    In future I want do some rally too, like you. It must be very interesting and amazing!!!))))
    Thanks you to all and good luck in your trip)))

    Best wishes


    • Dear Antony,

      Thank you very much for your message and your support. Was great to have such a warm welcome in Perm. We have never done a rally before and its turning out to be a great adventure so we would certainly recommend it!

      All the best,

      Richard and Nigel

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