Driving Tracks and Speed Trials


Two great days in the dust and grit of lower Mongolia. Within 1 km of leaving China we were in sand, then back to Tarmac before driving on our first speed trial! The views are immense, with flat plains as far as the eye can see, hardly any vegetation other than what is in the car! The weather has been hot and dry which has made the tracks a little easier, but with the speed trials up to 30 km in length, it’s very exciting. We set off 1 minute apart, and using way points on the Garmin try to guess which is the correct track out of the many options. Most join again, others wander off track, and then you have to cut across rougher non tracked ground, watching for rocks and still trying to go at speed. At times we were doing 70mph across tracks!

First night camping was interesting. Nigel, “he of the pop up tent” was not wasting time on his nighttime abode, but on his best friend, the car. Whilst he oiled and greased, I set up camp. The Nomad team had set up the main tents for dinner and we had some of the best food we have had in days. The toilets as you can imagine were a little more of a challenge. Our USA friends ¬†were lost and eventually turned up after time and about 3 hours after us.

A bad night’s sleep (well I might have slept, but then snored so Nigel didn’t sleep) ended at 5.00am with a voice in the next tent saying “what’s the time chap. ”¬†Today we did three speed trials, maybe a little slower, but we will see the outcome .

Tonight there is a slight rattle, not sure where, but with a day off, a really great hotel in Ulan Batar we will spend tomorrow sorting before a parade of cars in the city centre.

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  1. Hi Richard, always complaining. Now it’s the tents and the toilets. We of the working class enjoy these standards of dwelling and hygiene every day.

    Glad to hear it is generally speaking good fun, just take care and make sure you return to a non-EU Britain safely.

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