Day 2 and 650km to cover


Day two has been more testing with over 650km to cover. We climbed to the plateaus of lower Mongolia (still in China) and drove past some large industrial sites so not the most scenic of drives! As the day progressed, we not only had to dodge lorries but it has become very clear that Nigel is now an expert on hard shoulder driving and swerving out of the way of goats and latterly, ponies! Incredible rainstorms made it very clear that despite being tested on Devon weather, our pathetic windscreen wipers were sorely out of their depth. The hotel is… interesting. I will leave it at that but still very helpful!

Tomorrow, we cross into Mongolia, and start to race across the open lands with no roads just tracks. Tents to the fore and no internet for 5 days so will update you all as soon as I can…


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  1. Hi Richard,

    Tracking your progress with interest. Just thought Pekin seemed a long way to go for a bottle of milk. Haven’t you got a local Spar shop nearer home?

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