The brakes


The original brakes were rod and however many times I suggested that these would work, Nigel was not convinced, and so we opted for a new hydraulic system fitted to new wheel hubs front and back. We are indebted to HEL Ltd, an Exeter based company who make racing flexible brake pipes amongst other kit, and so our 1939 Ford now has modern racing brake pipes – very smart in stainless steel and grey pipes. The use of hydraulics meant we had to change the brake foot pedal action, and also replace the old rod activated hand brakes. The foot pedal now has a conveniently hidden (!) brake reservoir under the floor, and a rather nice (supplied by HEL) brake pressure adjuster under the front seat. Not sure how we set this up but once again Nigel is in no way phased and will no doubt hatch a plan to include driving around fields at speed and adjusting at the same time. In the meantime, we fitted the new handbrake cables after welding tubes to the wishbones to fit the cables through. No point using something simple like cable ties when you can use a mig welder.

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