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Two great days in the dust and grit of lower Mongolia. Within 1 km of leaving China we were in sand, then back to Tarmac before driving on our first speed trial! The views are immense, with flat plains as far as the eye can see, hardly any vegetation other than what is in the…(Read More)


Day two has been more testing with over 650km to cover. We climbed to the plateaus of lower Mongolia (still in China) and drove past some large industrial sites so not the most scenic of drives! As the day progressed, we not only had to dodge lorries but it has become very clear that Nigel…(Read More)


So the adventure starts, and due to weather at Heathrow we sat in the aircraft for 1 hour waiting to leave, was this an omen ? We arrived in Beijing and today (Friday) we atlast saw the car. The excitement was building and we were sent off in coaches for 25 km drive to a strange…(Read More)

peking to paris hel

Visa Time!


One side effect of our politicians falling out is that before we can get a Russian visa, we now need to have biometric tests carried out, or to you and me, fingerprints. The time flies by, and with less than 1 month to go, we have, or rather the very efficient Victoria in my office…(Read More)


Today is the day… off we drive full of expectation to test the car on Dartmoor, and be photographed by a very tough Dartmoor Ranger (in that he stood in the rain / hale with no hat and smiled!). As we drove out of Nutwell, it was clear the brakes were less than wonderful, with…(Read More)


Have we really finished the car is the main question Lynn is asking and the answer is .. well not quite. At last the extra radiators are in place, the pumps, levers, fans and electrics are all in sorted, and the car is looking more like  a steam engine with the extra pipework. Part of…(Read More)