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So now its back to work and the question everyone asks…..will you do it again? The navigator in the winning car claimed that P2P is like childbirth (if that’s the case, I don’t know what the fuss is about!) and once its over, it doesn’t take long to decide to do…(Read More)


So it’s all over, or at least the Peking Paris bit, now driving back to Exeter. 35 days of long days and many races leaves one almost in a state of shock. It’s so difficult to put into words the emotions now being felt. We started with a dream of getting the gold…(Read More)


A country a day, that’s the challenge. We have rushed through Hungary, and had a great time on 4 of their World Rally tracks. Poor brakes and no idea of where the tracks go does make a challenge, but we kept our place, gained on the second car overall and opened a bigger gap…(Read More)


So we are now in Hungary after rushing through Slovakia. It’s hot and the car is hotter. We seem to use more water in the car than we drink in beer, which is saying something! We are chasing the car in second place overall and gaining, but the new race series (European Cup) has…(Read More)


It’s been a very interesting passage over the last few weeks. In China, it was amazing to see the development of infrastructure. Then you move onto Mongolia where, in reality, there is nothing. In one day we drove 300 miles on sands and tracks like Woodbury Common, but everyone waved and we received a…(Read More)


We are creeping towards civilisation, the food has improved and the hotels have improved. There is no doubt the potential to supply food to the world lies in Russia’s hands, so much land under used. Many old communist farms are falling to pieces and buildings lie derelict. With some investment there is no doubt…(Read More)


What a day. 650 km and 3 dirt/sand track time trials over about 11 km each, finally ending the day on the Kazan Race Track. The sand and dirt was great, sliding all over the road, until it became clear there was still traffic coming towards us! Now that was as frightening for them…(Read More)


Yet another day of driving along a straight road lined with Firs and Birch trees, but at last there are some hills. Last night I went to an Russian Orthodox service in the church built over the supposed site where the Romanovs were killed, and very emotional it was! There’s more to see, and…(Read More)


And so the drive through Russia continues, and every day we seem to gain an hour chasing the Greenwich Mean Time. So far we have driven over 1500 km on fairly straight roads, lined with small woods of Silver Birch which seem to die in batches. The land is wet, flat and populated by the…(Read More)


What can I say to summarise Mongolia? Massive scenery, mountains and plains as far as the eye can see and all dust and rocks. We have driven over 1500 miles of single tracks, sometimes at speed and without a doubt, testing the suspension and my back to its extreme. The car, bags and everyone are…(Read More)