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Now we have to be careful, no sharp items near the car. So the first damage was from my watch strap on the back window surround as I leaned in – Nigel was relatively pleasant about it. We had sent the head liner to a local car upholsterer to copy, and after 4 weeks it…(Read More)


Rebuilding the body


Whilst the engine was having a heart transplant, the bodywork was undergoing an extreme form of plastic surgery. If I never see another tub of filler or roll of sandpaper it will be too soon. It seems the aim is to find the slightest imperfection in the body (and to be fair after 75 years…(Read More)


The engine


With the brakes fitted, the new axle and springs in place and the new torsion bars fitted, I was at last allowed to spray the chassis. The engine was a problem. Not least was the rather poor oil filtration system which half filtered the oil. The Flathead V8 Ford engine was used for many decades…(Read More)


The brakes


The original brakes were rod and however many times I suggested that these would work, Nigel was not convinced, and so we opted for a new hydraulic system fitted to new wheel hubs front and back. We are indebted to HEL Ltd, an Exeter based company who make racing flexible brake pipes amongst other kit…(Read More)


The chassis


And now to the springs and back axle. The Ford has transverse springs which were slightly collapsed so had to be removed and sent for re-tempering in a specialist shop in London It’s amazing how many old manufacturing workshops still exist hidden down back streets but they are there and make a good…(Read More)


Stripping the car


The big strip down…. the aim is to not lose all the parts and especially all of the nuts, bolts and assorted fixings which have been added to the car over the last 75 years. Therefore we made a big effort to label and tidily store all parts and the outcome was we lost most…(Read More)


Le Mans 2014


Four cars attended the 2014 Le Mans trip, a 1965 S Type Jag, my 1970 E Type Roadster, a 1965 MGB and the Ford. Not a very well matched range of cars for travelling at the same speed however. The trip was first to Beaulieu Motor Museum and then onto Kent to stay in an…(Read More)


Why Peking, why now?


If you want to start with a classic rally, then why not go for the longest and most well- known rally? In January 2014, over a beer on a Friday night, the idea of taking part in a classic car rally developed, probably with too much alcohol in the decision . It had been a…(Read More)