Arriving at Perm!


Yet another day of driving along a straight road lined with Firs and Birch trees, but at last there are some hills. Last night I went to an Russian Orthodox service in the church built over the supposed site where the Romanovs were killed, and very emotional it was! There’s more to see, and today we were asked by a local town to divert onto their running track where most of the school children from the area had gathered. It was very embarrassing to be treated as athletes as all I have done is navigate and eat Pringles (and feed Nigel). You can see the video, and I am so sorry for the giggling from me and the regal “thanks” from Nigel. Most of the town had turned out for photos and we received a very warm welcome!

When we arrived in Perm, there was another large local event with drum rolls and announcements of the cars and drivers. I did an interview for Russian TV on the wonderful roads in Russia and why we were so happy to be here.

All in all a very funny day, and tomorrow we have 4 races including one on the Kazan Race Track. The police are very interested in all of us, and as some competitors have forgotten speed limits and rules of the road, we are all being checked ….suddenly we are very careful. Today we crossed a white line, were pulled over, but many many apologies from Nigel was sufficient to not lead to a fine …long may his apology¬†last!




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