Are we ready? Is the car ready?


Have we really finished the car is the main question Lynn is asking and the answer is .. well not quite.

At last the extra radiators are in place, the pumps, levers, fans and electrics are all in sorted, and the car is looking more like  a steam engine with the extra pipework. Part of me would like to see it in action, if only to keep Nigel happy, the other part says I hope it isn’t needed as we have no real air temperature in the car for ourselves!

The new shocks have been purchased at a great price, and are in place, naturally with the flexibility to add second hand Toyota Land cruiser parts if needed. The roll bar look great, and after a lot of discussion it was agreed to go for a seat upgrade.. so off we went to the local car dump to find some rather smart leather Volvo seats. Nigel spent happy hours refitting the runners, and there is no doubt they are a huge improvement on the Renault (sorry).

The wiring is complete, with all extras now hard wired in, including phone / Garmin  / tracker and Trip meter. What with this and the multiple radiator fans, I hope the power system copes. We have looked at taking an adaptor so an alternator could be added if our new one breaks, but where do you stop ? As we cannot tow a trailer of spare parts,  we will just have to be more sensible I guess.

The wings have been cut and reshaped to take the bigger front wheels, and are now being sprayed. Bump stops are on order and the next thing will be to try out the tents. Living with Nigel all day has made the decision on whether to have one or two tents easy, and blow the weight, we will have 2.

Its only 5 weeks before shipment, and the time is getting close when we will have to stop talking about the rally in the pub, and actually do it. That could be the difficult part. We do have return flights from Beijing so guess we could sell her and run!!

Will post photos as she is loaded for shipment. She by the way is either called Matilda on a good day , or the Beast for most of the time. We never decided on a team name or nick names, but Dick Dastardly and Mutley is becoming more used than I would like.

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